Driving services to the RJH Cancer Clinic

Our Driving Services to RJH Cancer Clinic have ended as of July 6th with the return of the Volunteer Drivers and the reopening of the BC Cancer Lodge. We welcome them back with new appreciation for the services they provide!

During the last two months Community Plus provided rides for 17 cancer patients to more than 80 appointments and traveled over 1200 kilometers. Thank you to the Federal Government and Canadian taxpayers for the 10% wage subsidy which helped to make it possible for us to provide this service and provide replacement hours for our caregivers. And special thanks to the Accent Inn for providing low cost rooms while the BC Cancer Lodge was closed and for connecting people in need with this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What protocols are in place for COVID19 and infection prevention? Drivers are certified caregivers, familiar with disinfection practices and insured for transportation. Drives are 1-1 and all caregivers carry face shields. Contact surfaces are disinfected between riders and vehicles are aired out.

Who is eligible?  Anyone from Sidney to Sooke with medically necessary treatments at the Royal Jubilee Cancer Clinic is eligible for driving services. 

Are there restrictions?  Riders must be able to get in and out of a vehicle without assistance. We are not able to accommodate wheelchairs at this time.

How much notice do I need to give for a drive?  Try to give us at least 48 hours notice. Drivers must be scheduled between other appointments. 

What if my time is changed?  Treatment times do sometimes get changed within the 48h window. Don’t panic, everyone has made it so far.

How long can drivers wait for me?  Most treatments are 15-30 minutes. Typically drivers are scheduled for 1 hour appointments and wait outside. For longer treatments please call us.

Can we make other stops?  Unfortunately we cannot make other stops.

Do I need to tip the drivers?  No but thank you for the offer!  The drivers are certified caregivers who are paid a living wage and mileage. If you want to support the caregivers please tell others how wonderful they are or review us online.
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Can I make a donation?  Thank you but individual donations are not accepted at this time. We are a local business trying to meet this community need until the volunteers are allowed to return. We will be looking for a corporate partner to support the program if it continues into fall 2020.

Who is Community Plus?  We are an independent home healthcare business providing skilled Caregiving, Nursing, OT, PT and Podiatry services. Our mission is to create security for the vulnerable.

All aboard the Community Plus bus! Just kidding, rides are one on one. 😉 Call 250-658-6508 to arrange support.

dog driving a car
Thanks UVIC Engineering for the amazing face shields!
UVIC donated the amazing face shields we use for drives.