My911 Kit

Personal emergency information in a travel-safe magnetic envelope

Why use a My911 kit for your emergency information?

My911 kits help to ensure your medical health information such as your POA, Advance Directive or MOST form are ready to go and easily available. When travelling or going to hospital this helps to make sure your wishes are respected by having your important documents safely together.

A My911 kit contains:

  • Emergency information document
  • Magnetic vinyl envelope
  • Your important medical documents

   Need a new kit?

My911 kits are delivered to you, free of charge, in the Greater Victoria area. Call CommunityPlus, 250-658-6508.

Who is this for?                                                        

  • Do you travel to the hospital frequently?
  • Are you more likely to call the paramedics?
  • Do you use a Lifeline or call button?
  • Do you go travelling with medical conditions?

If you answered yes to one of these questions then this is for you